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For years now, Ginny has been active in the field of fashion. As an international stylist with a love of travel, she never misses an opportunity to expand her clientele from one destination to the next. Her goal: to promote the growth of Québec fashion on the world stage. Her strength unquestionably lies in the art of promoting a fashion image. She harnesses the power of clothes to create a personal brand, which is to say, she builds a fashion image reflecting her clients’ professional ambitions.

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Would you like to find your signature look and win others over with your personal style? Have you got a busy schedule with no time to shop for an exclusive wardrobe? Do you want to showcase your personality with clothes that live up to your ambitions? Call on Ginny to start your day off with confidence, thanks to a visual strategy that suits you to a “t”.

    T : 514 941-7679 • styliste@genevievemoses.com

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