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Ginny Moses has successfully carved out a niche for herself as a costume designer over the years in the Montreal film and television industry. Her passion for fashion began at a young age. During her teenage years, theatre and costumes became an important part of her journey. Her curiosity led her to study Communication Arts and Cinema, from which she developed a strong interest in image.
Already at this age, her vitality and determination prompted her to very quickly balance working and studying. She decided to work as a fashion advisor in a clothing store to deepen her knowledge of fashion.
After more than 10 years in retail, she developed a taste for management and proved to have acquired a talent for styling as well. Her intuition guided her to listen to people and to feel for them. Through this inner strength of hers, she is able to understand what people don’t say, to overcome their complexes and to better adapt these clients’ self-perception. Ginny has succeeded in helping people be the best version of themselves by harnessing the power of clothing.
Born into a family of entrepreneurs from generation to generation, Ginny managed to quickly cultivate a business mindset. Her mother, who was a great inspiration to Ginny, taught her the basics of running a business so she could stand on her own two feet, In fact, entrepreneurship became one of Ginny’s passions: Ginny’s leadership skills inspired her to launch her own customized styling services. Her mission is to help people develop their own personality in order to achieve their professional and personal goals.
Over the years, her styling services have become more diversified. She started out as a fashion stylist on television shows. She became the stylist for the Koristes on the show En direct de l’univers—a show with over one million viewers. From photo shoots for Quebec designers, to TV shows such as La Voix, to editorial work for a magazine, Ginny’s work has always revolved around fashion. She has developed a network that today has led her to create costumes for TV series, movies and advertising as a costume designer.
Ambitious and passionate, Ginny wants to expand her talent on U.S. territory in order to fulfill all her aspirations. She is always looking for opportunities to make her biggest dreams come true.

Her motto: Dressing like the best version of oneself, at all times, provides the confidence and power to achieve all of one’s professional and personal goals.

Ginny is also a member of the Quebec-Florida Chamber of Commerce (QFCC).

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