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IDress – Costume image
Costume Creation

IDress works with TV production houses and advertising agencies to create unique costumes that reflect each character’s universe and support the actor’s transformation towards his role. With our experience in film and advertising, we are well-equipped to meet creative challenges that will prove effective on screen.

IDress Costume

  • Movie
  • Advertising
  • Web series
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IDress – Fashion branding
Image Styling

IDress assists public relations agencies in image design for well-known personalities, whether they are influencers, business leaders or renowned artists. The IDress team provides your celebrities with support in their special and media events to create the perfect look for your brand image.

IDress Branding

  • Headliner / feature (media presence)
  • Red carpet (special events)
  • Wardrobes (management and logistics)
Services - Fashion identity - Ginny Moses


IDress – Commercial
Fashion Styling

You have fashion products to photograph for your social networks or your website? IDress will find the perfect layout to highlight your products and will provide you with support for your various distribution platforms.

IDress Commercial

  • Photo shoots
  • Campaign
  • e-commerce
  • Magazine

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